The Non Resident Nepali - National Coordination Council (NRN-NCC) China is committed to a vision of making Nepal a peaceful and prosperous nation in the world with our own effort justifying our slogan of "For Nepali-By Nepali". NRN-NCC China is a member organization of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), which is a representative organization of the people of Nepalese origin living abroad (specifically outside SAARC countries). NRN-NCC China is a non-profit representative organization of the people of Nepalese origin living in China. NRN-NCC China is primarily concerned in promoting the common interests of its members in China and Nepal. 
The History of NRN-NCC China begins in October 2006 by Nominating a AD HOC Committee led by Mr. Shankar Gyawali, which led to a solid foundation of this organization. Later in December 2007, the AD HOC committee was dissolved and a New NRN-NCC China Executive Committee was formed in leadership of Mr. Sudhir Prasad Timilsina supported by Mr. Shivaji Paudel and other executive members. This committee gives this organization a Formal Shape and Solid Economic foundation. This Executive committee completed its full working period. And Election for the New Executive committee was held in June 2009.
On 20-Jun-2009, First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NRN-NCC China held with grand success and a New Executive Committee had been formed in leadership of Mr. Dilli Prasad Parajuli (Balram) to boost speed and carry out works for the betterment of Nepal and Nepali justifying our Slogan " For Nepali - By Nepali"and completed its sucessfull tenture of 2years. The Third Executive Committee had been unanimously formed in leadership of Mr. Sundar Thapa for the term 2011~2013.
On 28-May-2011, Second Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NRNA-NCC China held with Great Sucess in Guangzhou China and Third Executive Committee had been formally formed led by Mr. Sundar Thapa as President and Mr. Sudesh Jha as Coordinator. The main aim of the new executive body is to boost the Economy of NRNA-NCC China and achieve some Long Term Project for Nepal and Nepali, supported by other tasks and small projects for the betterment of Nepalese living in Nepal and Abroad.